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Be a MedPRO in Tulsa, Oklahoma

As your partner in your full-time job search, we know that your search isn’t always about securing your next job; it’s about developing your career. And sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know.

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ProRecruiters, a Tulsa based Medical Staffing Agency, has an extensive network of clients searching for full-time, motivated employees who will go above and beyond 

Be an MedPro and begin your job search with us deliver results. Our full-time medical job openings in Tulsa are perfect for professionals dedicated to the challenge of demanding roles.


In November of 2010, Part-Time Pros purchased Medical Professionals LLC  and entered into the medical staffing realm.  The missions and visions are the same for both businesses.  It is the company belief that the clients we work with are business partners.  It is our job to find the best possible match for their needs.  In our opinion, it comes down to quality not quantity.

We have placed professionals such as MA’s, LPN’s, RN’s, Schedulers,  Billing Specialists,  etc.  We take each new order and work it individually because we believe that it is about finding the right long-term fit for that position - not just sending a body or a resume.  Our corporate partners range from small privately run practices to large companies that employ thousands.