Letters from Carey: 30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself

Happy July.  I am asking myself where the year has gone.  We are half way through 2014 and it seems like it just begun.  July is a big month for family vacations but if you own a business sometimes it’s hard to get away.  You can physically leave the office but you are often still “plugged in”.  I was sent an article that proved to be a nice reminder of trying to stay focused on what is important and the importance of taking some time off. 

As a business owner and type-A personality I have a tendency to work too much and have a difficult time letting things wait. There is a sense of urgency in all I do. While this makes for a successful business person, it can also lead to burn out. With technology it is nearly impossible to disconnect but it is needed.  Time away from work allows you to recharge.  For me, it forces me to slow down, and enjoy my children, which is why I work so hard. I encourage any business professional to try to take time for family and give yourself a break. 

Here is the article – a list of 30 things to start doing for yourself.  Perhaps a start for you is implementing just 1 or 2 of these.  Happy July!