Letters from Carey: 5 Tips for the Best Interview Outfit

With the summer months upon us and business casual attire more the norm than business attire, I often get asked about what to wear for an interview.  In my humble opinion first impressions count for a whole lot and can make or break ones success in an interview.  I happened upon a great article by Sarah Fuller on the 5 tips for best job interview outfits.  It is a great summary of what to do.

“An interviewer looks at your attire and personal appearance to make initial judgments about your employment worthiness. Although, this snap judgment may seem harsh, it is the job interview reality. Over the years, I have seen many job candidates blow the job interview simply based on their choice of interview outfits and accessories.   Here are five job interview dress tips to keep in mind when you head out to snag a job opportunity.

1. Skip the blue jeans.  One mistake that I see frequently among job seekers is under dressing for the interview.  Ideally, you want to wear a conservative suit or dress slacks and a nice top.  Blue jeans just don’t cut it unless your job interview is taking place outdoors at some place such as a muddy work site.

2. Step away from cologne/perfume.  Who wants to come to the interview sporting a fragrance that reminds the interviewer of the ex-boyfriend she can’t stand or causes somebody to have a major sneezing fit.  Skip the fragrance altogether when interviewing.

3. Keep jewelry to a minimum. Giant hoop earrings and big, clunky necklaces can be a big distraction during a job interview.  Either the interviewer ends up watching the earrings sway back and forth or is driven crazy by the clanking of jewelry every time you move.

4. If you smoke, do so before you put on your interview clothes.  Cigarette smoke lingers a long time on clothes and many people are not excited about the smell.  Avoid the issue all together by taking your last smoke before you put your job interview attire on.

5. Make sure your outfit makes sense from head to toe.  Don’t show up for the job interview in a classy black suit with red knee socks to round off the outfit.  I had an interviewee do just that one time. (He also sent me his thank you note in 3 different colors of crayon, but that’s another story).

By avoiding some simple job interview dress slip ups, you will be well on your way to first impression success.”

I hope this helps!  Happy June.