Letters from Carey: 5 Traits of Successful People

BOO!  (Sorry, I could not resist since it is the month of October.)  Happy fall!  On October 3, I chaired the Small Business Summit.  I hope that those of you who attended benefitted from it.  For those of you who missed it, I hope you can attend in years to come.  Our keynote speaker for the morning was Sean Kouplen, president and CEO of Regent Bank.  In 2008, he fulfilled a lifelong dream by raising $15.5 million and leading an investor group that purchased one-hundred-fifteen-year-old Regent Bank in Nowata.  Since then, the bank has expanded to Tulsa and Oklahoma City, almost tripling its assets from $72 million to more than $200 million.  However, when Sean bought the bank, the financial market was at the cusp of a large crumble.  In order to get through those tough times, Sean sought out experts in the industry that had survived the financial crisis of the ‘80s.  During this process, he became intrigued by the attributes that successful people possess.  He started doing research and talked to approximately seventy-eight professionals who were “successful,” which, for him, is about finding joy and fulfillment.  He identified five common traits, and I want to share with you this month.  Here we go:


  1. Vision: Successful people know that if they develop a vision of who they want to be, they are much more likely to achieve it.  Without vision, people exist in the moment and lose all momentum.
  2. Commitment: Successful people commit to giving their best effort.  Successful people wake up every day committed to giving their all, and end each day knowing they gave it their best.
  3. Focus on others: Successful people focus on others, not themselves.  Subsequently, they feel better about themselves, and people want to work with or for them.   
  4. Gratitude: Successful people are grateful—for their job, for their team, and for all the good in their lives. Perhaps they would use a “gratitude list”—a way of identifying the things for which they are grateful—to help them when they seem stuck on negatives.
  5. Belief : Successful people believe that the future is brighter than the past.  They know that they cannot control what happens around them, but they can believe in the future and stay optimistic. 


I hope that the remainder of this month is a wonderful one.  If you have any hiring needs, please call 918-551-7767 or email info@prorecruiters.com  our team would love to assist you!