Tuesday Tips! 7 Ways to Start a Great Day

The first hour of your day can make or break it.  Here are 7 surefire positive day starters.  

1. Plan the night before. Why start your day unorganized? If you organize your to-do-list, breakfast menu and your clothes the night before, you’ll wake up feeling in control and relaxed.

2. Try 15 minutes of meditation. Genuine meditation actually stimulates the brain in a deep and thoughtful way. It allows you to clear distractions from your mind and purge negative energy

3.  Begin with inspirational reading. Buy a few books that are uplifting, inspiring, or even humorous for your first brain stimulus. This will give you positive, fun thoughts to keep you energized throughout the day.

4. Open your eyes to fresh flowers. If the first thing you see when you wake up is a dingy wall or barren winter yard, you can certainly improve those critical few minutes with a pleasing splash of color. Research suggests that exposure to bright colors in the early morning raises your spirits and energy.

5. Trade coffee for green tea. Coffee is a great stimulant, but sometimes it can over-stimulate and the acid can make your stomach uncomfortable. Try a soothing cup of green tea to start instead.

6. Do some yoga. Exercise is a great stimulant to wake you up, and make you feel good. It’s good for the body and pumping those endorphins makes your mind happy and alert.  Cardio is great, but for the whole body approach, add a little yoga into your routine.

7. Schedule a hopeful appointment. The prospect of a fun and productive encounter can wake you with a smile and even without an alarm clock. I purposefully schedule as many meetings like this as possible. That way I get as many great days as I want.