Letters from Carey: Employee Recognition

Happy May!  In December 2012, my husband, Brett, implemented a “PROS of the week.”  PROS stands for Positive Reflection Of Success.  In our business and in recruiting in general, we can experience drastic ups and downs. But Brett realized the importance of ending the week on a positive note.  The PROS of the weeks has taken off beautifully, and every Friday I look forward to writing mine and seeing everyone else’s.  It is a reminder of everyone’s contribution, which leads me to this month’s topic: employee recognition.  More often than not, my PROS have something to do with the efforts and contributions of others.  Having the PROS of the week enables me to recognize performance immediately, which is important for staff development, recruitment, and retention. However, it is also a way for the team members to “brag” about their own successes in a positive way. 

I have spoken before about the importance of tracking performance.  Part of tracking an employee’s performance is acknowledging superior performance—not things that are expected, like showing up to work on time, but those things that go above and beyond, like when an employee responds appropriately to constructive criticism. If an employee performs certain aspects of their job that go beyond expectations, such as taking on an extra project, picking up the slack for a sick co-worker, or making a valuable suggestion, praise her exceptional conduct. Call attention to it immediately, when it will be more effective and more appreciated.

If you are lucky enough to have an employee who regularly exceeds expectations, note his level of dedication to their work and document it in their file as well. You may not remember everything he did at the time of his formal evaluation. You do not want to miss the opportunity to recognize exceptional work ethic, or worse, to run the risk of losing an exceptional employee because you failed to appreciate his best efforts.

Here are a few from my staff:


Mattie, who received the following from two clients:

“I have been very impressed with how fast you responded to our needs and the professionalism of your company.  Having met Carey, I am not surprised.  You have won my business.  I will definitely call upon you again when we have hiring needs.” –Tom

“Thank you for going above and beyond what was expected by providing a temporary admin. assistant until a bookkeeper/office manager is hired” –Dana


I received the following from a professional who had referred our business, but Nicholi was the one who had handled the project from start to finish, so this was his PROS for the week:

 “Hi. Hoping all is good for you in your travels and work.  I just wanted to follow up and let you know I contacted Brett and Carey with ProRecruiters and have been thoroughly pleased with their service and candidates.  We will be starting two new people on Tuesday from this staffing company for our call center.  We are very excited for them and to have them.  So, a big “thank you” to you and as always well deserved. Kudos!”


Donna - Celebrating her one-year anniversary.

Gabi - was one that I sent out to our team:

“I just wanted you all to know that I occasionally (when my door is open and I am not on the phone) hear Gabi doing new hire paperwork and she does an amazing job!  She is so cheerful and excited for each person and it is clear that they leave feeling excited and confident about their new venture.  Gabi, you may not realize the importance of this but I hope you begin to realize the impact you have on people.  When people are starting a new job or venture they are nervous, they may not act it but change is hard for anyone.  Your positive attitude, your patience, and your kindness go a long way in setting a path for success for our candidates.  I just simply wanted to say thank you for doing this part of your job so incredibly well!!  We appreciate you.”

I do not know anybody who does not enjoy receiving a compliment or being recognized for good work. If it makes you happy to see it, your employee will be happy to hear about it. We are all human. So this month I encourage you to praise and recognize the great performers in your office.


All My Best, Carey