Flexible Schedules during a Talent War

Happy spring! Regardless of good or tough economic times, companies always need highly qualified, skilled professionals. But the “tides are turning” - the work climate is evolving. More people are placing value on flexible schedules and a work-life balance.  It is now among the top 5 most important attributes job seekers look for in an employer and with unemployment so low why would you not want to figure out a way to attract top talent.  

Flexible schedules and shift work are slowly replacing the 9 to 5 workday. According to USA Today, nine out of 10 workers cite work fulfillment and work-life balance as their top career priorities. In addition, a CNN Money survey reported 51% of GenXers said they would jump ship for the chance to telecommute and 61% of GenX women would leave their current jobs if they were offered more flexible hours elsewhere. 

It’s not just the GenXers or Millennials valuing workplace flexibility but another market trend shows Baby Boomers are a huge group to embrace this concept. In fact, 80 percent of today's 76 million Baby Boomers plan to keep working in the future and more than half of them are interested in pursuing new careers, according to a Merrill Lynch survey. 

Still there are some employers who are unsure of hiring part-time or contract workers. However, the numbers don’t lie and employers need to adapt to the changing work climate or will fall behind competition. Those worried employers should take note – changing the workplace structure or culture does not have to be difficult. The truth is that some jobs can be done on a part-time basis. Flex schedule workers can help with specific tasks without taking time away from existing staff. 

Businesses who embrace this model will see a positive impact on the bottom line. Offering alternative work arrangements can be an affordable benefit to attract highly skilled professionals. Since these employees value workplace flexibility they are typically more loyal and motivated. If the employees are happy there is reduced turnover.   If you need testimonials I am happy to provide those to you directly! 

For Baby Boomers, a part-time job can keep retirees physically, mentally, and socially active without the drain of a 40-hour work week. Employers can utilize the retirees’ talents and receive expert opinions, which can help take the business to the next level.   

Full-time employers may be the minority of the nation’s workforce within 20 to 30 years. ProRecruiters embraces the need for workplace flexibility and taps into a demographic that historically does not approach conventional staffing companies. Our first core value is balance! As businesses look to reduce expenses to improve their bottom lines and attract the very best talent, we hope that you will turn to ProRecruiters to find and employ talent which benefits both the professional and you.