How to Love your Job

In case you missed out Tuesday Tips from yesterday, we put them all here in one convenient place!

Here are some key tips on how to keep yourself and your employees focused and happy with their jobs:

1. Don’t give people too much work.  When people are overloaded to the point where they know they can’t get everything done, they immediately focus on how much work they’ve got to do, rather than on actually doing it.

2. Don’t give people too little work.  When people don’t have enough to do, their minds wonder and, with time on their hands, start finding other things to focus on, like workplace gossip or, yes, playing video games.

3. Remove distractions from the workplace. Provide private or doubled-up offices rather than bullpens or cubicle farms. Reduce the overall noise level. Set aside time during the day where corporate email is disabled.

4. Institute work/life balance policies. Flexible work hours, remote working policies, and generous paid sick leave allow employees to handle the distractions of their personal lives on their own time, so that they can focus on work when they’re actually working.