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In today’s ever-evolving economy, how does your organization find the best candidate for available positions? Many companies post job advertisements and receive dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes. Each one that comes in, only leaves you or or HR Department more confused. So, how do you find the RIGHT person for the job? ProRecruiters has the answer! At ProRecruiters, we offer screening options to help you identify the very best person for your unique position offering. Whether it’s a simple review of resumes or thorough candidate screening process, we’ll give your organization the best chance at hiring success!


Resume Review

Our Resume Review service offering takes the work off your hands! Our team of trained ProRecruiters specialists filter through the mountain of resumes your organization receives after a job posting. We review each resume carefully and identify your Top 5 candidates.


ProArrival Candidate Screening Process

Need additional hiring assistance? Allow ProRecruiters to put the Top 5 candidates through the ProArrival Candidate Screening Process to assist with making a wise hiring decision.

This unique screening process is offered to organizations who need a tailored approach to hiring. We take the guesswork out of the equation and allow you to hire the perfect candidate for your particular needs. Each and every candidate is fully-vetted to ensure an optimal match for long-term success allowing you to avoid costly turnover.


Here’s how it works:

We pull the top candidates and put them though our rigorous screening process called ProARRIVAL™.


Application - Candidates first complete an online APPLICATION, which includes detailed work history, salary information, and legal points such as eligibility and conviction information.


Resume - Next, each RESUME and application is carefully reviewed by our Recruiting Specialist to identify the best match need on the job.


References - Every candidate provides three professional REFERENCES, which we then verify and interview via written, customized survey.


Interviews (x3)

  1. A phone INTERVIEW is conducted.
  2. A face-to-face interview is conducted and a first impression score is given.
  3. A final interview with a Senior Recruiter is conducted and the rest of the scorecard in completed.


Video Resume - Each candidate will also complete a 45-60 second VIDEO RESUME answering the questions, “Why am I the best candidate for the job?”


Additional Info Gathered - We’ll ask candidates custom questions that you have based on the position.


Learning - Have candidates complete LEARNING assessments specific to the skill requirements of the position. These assessments are it easy to see proficiency levels in a variety of topics.


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Resume Review

1-50 resumes = $250

51-100 resumes - $350

100+ resumes = $450

* Prior to beginning the review process, ad dates, submission of resumes, and desired testing must be settled upon.


ProARRIVAL Candidate Screening Process

$400 per Resume

$550 for C-level

Included in this fee are all steps of the ProARRIVAL process and any testing set forth by client for that order. Recommended minimum of 3 and maximum of 10. For those candidates who are contacted and do not respond or remove themselves early, the fee will be $125, provided that the video resume portion has not yet been completed.



You will receive a detailed scorecard for each Final Candidate. This written overview of the professional will consist of carefully evaluated ratings for a variety of attributes, including:

  • Integrity
  • Intelligence
  • Professionalism
  • Introversion/Extroversion
  • Predicted Dependability

Along with the scorecard you will also receive:

  • Summary of current Position & Intent
  • Resume
  • Complete work history
  • Video Resume
  • Written responses from all references
  • Any requested assessment scores
  • An overall written recommendation from our Senior Recruiter




Thank you so much for all this great work. I have to tell you of all the expansion decisions and plans we have to make, hiring the right person has probably been the most stressful for me. However, through prayer, and through your organization, you have helped ease a tremendous burden. I am confident that we are on the right path of finding the new ED. I’m so appreciative. This process would have taken me over a month or more to complete had I taken it on internally. You have kept us on the tight timeline we had for our goal of having someone in place by the first week of April. Amazing!

Thanks again,