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We never lose sight that customers have choices and being called upon by a customer is an honor. We want to share our appreciation for your previous business and look forward to the opportunity to serve you again as your partner in making job matches that last.

If you're a current job seeker or employer that's worked with us, we welcome and respect your feedback. We love when our employees and clients share feedback with us! Our goal is to be a partner in job matches that last and hope to accomplish that with all of our placements.  

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The Arrival by ProRecruiters was perfect for helping find a new hire for Urban Attendant.  We needed a relatively quick solution after a two weeks notice was turned in by an employee but with the results of taking our time to find the perfect person.  Our clients have very high expectations and work closely with our employees so we do not take the process of hiring lightly. The Arrival was extremely easy, quick, and well worth the expense.
ProRecruiters did all of the busy and time consuming work of filtering thru the hires, interviewing them, and getting a quick video, and I had the easy job of interviewing their top pics.   It was so quick that I was able to have a person in place at the end of the person's 2 weeks. They did so great that I ended up hiring 2 of 3 that I interviewed and will more than likely hire the 3rd soon. I highly recommend The Arrival by ProRecruiters! 



               S. Lees

Urban Attendant



The Arrival by ProRecruiters was perfect for helping find a new hire for Urban Attendant.  We needed a relatively quick solution after a two weeks notice was turned in by an employee but with the results of taking our time to find the perfect person.  Our clients have very high expectations and work closely with our employees so we do not take the process of hiring lightly. The Arrival was extremely easy, quick, and well worth the expense.
ProRecruiters did all of the busy and time consuming work of filtering thru the hires, interviewing them, and getting a quick video, and I had the easy job of interviewing their top pics.   It was so quick that I was able to have a person in place at the end of the person's 2 weeks. They did so great that I ended up hiring 2 of 3 that I interviewed and will more than likely hire the 3rd soon. I highly recommend The Arrival by ProRecruiters! 
Brianp "ProRecruiters is Fantastic!  They contacted me immediately after I replied to a position that was posted. My very first contact and brief consultation with Cassy at ProRecruiters was professional and pleasant. After that I had constant communication from Cassy. There was never a moment that I was not informed or assisted by Cassy in obtaining my new position. Even while Cassy was on vacation I was assisted by Carey at ProRecruiters and never left wondering about the status of my new position. In my career of over 40 years I can honestly say I have never obtained a new position as quickly or as smoothly as I did with the assistance of ProRecruiters."

RC "Before ProRecruiters I was spending many hours searching online for job listings and filling out online applications, but I never had any call backs. I was a few months from graduating in December and I had loan payments that were going to be due in February. One day my dad told me to search temp agencies online and I stumbled upon ProRecruiters. From their website and many reviews I knew they were the ones to call. After I made my phone call it wasn't two days and I was asked to come in and shoot my first ever video resume. After that the amazing recruiters did all the searching and within a few days I was going to my first temp job that was to last about 2 weeks. However, I was was given the opportunity to continue to work for that company for a few months. During that time ProRecruiters staff were always checking on me and remained ready to help me find another job once my temporary position was over. A few weeks before my temporary position was over I received a notification for a full time position from my alumni job board and I applied for it. What is so amazing is that the president of ProRecruiters (whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting) knew the founder of the organization I was applying for and called and gave a personal reference for me even though I had not found the job listing through ProRecruiters. I was hired on as a full time employee and I know that it was made possible through the help of ProRecruiters. I would HIGHLY recommend them whether you are needing a temporary position or full time employment. The recruiters work diligently to find you a job that fits your needs and they don't waste any time! ProRecruiters will be recommended by me for a very long time!"

CW (1) "We, The AOE Group, used ProRecruiters to help us in a major staffing project for a new employer in Tulsa, CrossCom National. ProRecruiters took the time to fully understand our needs and the specifics of the jobs. In the end, we had a great pool of candidates, of which many found long-term employment with CrossCom. The process used by ProRecruiters is very efficient and the entire staff is a pleasure to work with . We will definitely use ProRecruiters again."

SM "I want to convey a heartfelt thanks to each of you (hoping sincerely that I have omitted no one!), for helping me to reenter the workforce and to be hired full-time. I look forward to growth opportunities...and I believe that such opportunities will arise from their own growth over the next few years. The ProRecruiters experience has allowed me, if you'll pardon a cliché, to cut to the chase in my search. Your expertise, commitment and professionalism have proven outstanding, and ProRecruiters will get a ringing endorsement from me at every turn. My thanks to all of you again, and I'll stay in touch!"

Chrisa "I relocated to Tulsa from upstate NY with no networking connections. Pro Recruiters managed to find me steady work, they were always extremely pleasant to talk to, and I've happily accepted a permanent full-time position I found through one of their assignments."

Kathik "I found Pro Recruiters (formerly Part Time Pros) when I first moved to Tulsa 2 years ago. I had been looking for a part time accounting/office job that would have flexible hours to allow me to take my son to and from school since we didn't know a soul in the city. The placement person was very nice and understanding about this, and I had a part time office job within 2 weeks. It does seem that part time professional positions are very few and far between, and I am thankful that I found one that I love and that has worked into a permanent position for me! I would recommend Pro Recruiters to anyone who is looking for a office job in the Tulsa area."

AD (1) "This was the most professional, positive, and informative job search I have ever done! Thank you for the opportunity to interview with some of the top companies in Tulsa!"

JW "We recently contacted ProRecruiters to help us find a new administrative assistant for our team. From first communication, they were totally professional. They did all the hard work, by searching for the perfect candidate, and saved us so much time! We are thrilled with the results and will use them again and refer them to everyone we know who may have a staffing need! Thank you!"

WK "I can not say "Thank You" enough to the wonderful staff at Pro Recruiters!!! Amazing, professional and caring staff within the entire group!! Thank you and please keep up the wonderful job that you all do there."

Graceq "The ProRecruiters staff reflects professionalism and character. Throughout my experience with them, I was supported and valued as a candidate. Carey and Mattie worked with me to find the right fit and went the extra mile to create a strategic solution in the transition process. I highly recommend this agency to those seeking full time (or part time) professional careers as it has opened doors of opportunity and has helped place me in position where I can thrive."

MM  “As a former recruiter, I'm easy to please but hard to impress. This week however I was impressed. Here’s why. We hire for potential so our preferred candidates often have very little job-hunting experience. Occasionally this leads to misunderstandings despite the best efforts of all parties involved. One of these unfortunate misunderstandings occurred recently.  As I expressed to the new hire involved, not every recruiting firm values candidates as highly as they value clients. Carey however, demonstrated her authenticity, integrity and professionalism by going “above and beyond” to partner with us to reach a “win-win” solution. Her personal commitment to building and nurturing strategic partnerships proves her firm's stated commitment to customer service is genuine.  In short? Character counts. Pick your strategic partners wisely. I do and Carey is one of mine.”

DL Pro Recruiters is a very professional service with a brilliant staff. They reply promptly and make good choices for their clients. Their can do attitude is a hallmark in their field and a boon for prospective employees. I recommend anyone with an eye to a professional job to give them a chance to do for you what they did for me.

VW ProRecruiters was the perfect fit for me transitioning back to work after 17 years of raising kids. I was really worried about re-entering the workforce and the optional part-time arrangement fit my families needs best. I Interviewed on Tuesday, they set up an interview with a perspective employer on Wednesday and I was hired on Thursday. I have been at my job 7 months and am now a permanent employee. I could have never found the perfect job without the help of ProRecruiters, Their web reporting weekly time cards was very simple and getting paid weekly was a bonus.

LJ ProRecruiters provides the absolute BEST customer service in the industry! Over the past few months, I have dealt with multiple recruiting firms. And while the other firms may provide more candidates, the service ProRecruiers provides is second to none! They thoroughly screen their candidates prior to submitting, and they know their candidates quite well! And, they are quick to respond to my questions and requests.  What I love and appreciate the most is the positive and engaging interaction I have had with every encounter, every phone call, and every email with ProRecruiters as they help me identify the right talent for Tulsa World! You all set the standard high!

JB Top notch recruiting service. They reached out to me after finding my resume listed online. Within roughly 24 hours I had an interview setup and within 48 of original contact I had an offer letter.   Professional service and quality follow up after placement. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional staffing agency in the Tulsa area.

VP Working with Part Time Pros has been an amazing experience for me. The people were very professional and accommodating from start to finish. I have been out of the work force for several years and was expecting the transition back into the job market to be rough. Part Time Pros made the transition very smooth and positive. I would highly recommend them for anyone seeking work full time or part time.

LH Part Time Pros provided an administrative professional for my husband's business that turned out to be a perfect fit and a permanent hire. The recruiter at PTP was very professional and took the time to find out precisely what was needed to fill the position and therefore was able to place the perfect candidate on the first assignment. This saved the company much valuable time in addition to providing a great employee. We would highly recommend Part Time Pros for any professional staffing needs.

CW Part Time Pros has been highly supportive of me since I engaged their services in January of 2012. Upon having my initial assessment with Mattie, I left feeling upbeat and assured that I had chosen a good partner to help with my professional development. My most recent placement was with a focus group and it was an educational as well enjoyable experience.  Additional kudos for a very user-friendly web portal for listings, payroll, important documents for job seekers, etc.

KC My experience with Part Time Pros was probably the most rewarding of my working career. I had moved to Oklahoma from Ohio where I had been laid off and had been out of work for over a year. I had done god only knows how many interviews on my own until I came across Part Time Pros. When I called and got the appointment to come in it was as if some large boulder had been lifted because instead of me doing this on my own there was a team of people that were going to help me find just the right position for me. I had never used a "temp service" before the idea frankly scared me. But Part Time Pros is NOT a "temp service" they actually care for the people that they are helping and I for one am very thankful that they are there. I had always gone from job to job but doing some of the temp work even though it was only for a few months was very rewarding. What was really exciting was when I would get a call saying that the company that I had worked with wanted me again. When I stated earlier that Part Time Pros would help me find the right position for me well that is exactly what they did. I am in a position now where honestly there is no way i would have found it on my own. The fit that this job has with me is unlike anything I have ever experienced and I love it. I didn't get a chance to say Thank You. Thank You Part Time Pros for all that you do.

JS The most caring and most efficient in the game.

AD I have had nothing but a really great experience with Part Time Pros. I love the fact that i was paid weekly. The time cards were really easy to fill out. The website is very user friendly and every time i called the actual location someone always picked up and I was either immediately connected with the person i needed to speak to or was called back that day or the next day promptly. So i'm very pleased with part-time pros thus far.

MS Working with Part Time Pros has been one of the most positive experiences I've had when seeking to match my skill set with an employer. Their interview process is thorough, yet seamless. You definitely get the feeling that they "are on your side" and want to see you succeed. They offer invaluable insight on good interview practices and ongoing practical advice once you've secured a position. They follow up on a regular basis to make sure your working relationship is a success. Communication, across the board, is excellent. I will continue to recommend them to anyone seeking a position or looking to hire a good fit for their company. I am very impressed with Part Time Pros.

KG I was placed with a local college through Part-Time Pros last fall and found their service to be invaluable as I reentered the workforce after taking time off as a stay-at-home parent. Mattie helped me transition out of the home and back to an office setting and was incredibly supportive. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for part-time, professional work - don't waste valuable time trying to do it yourself.

ER I need occasional part time employment and Part Time Pros provides what I need. The application process is simple and the jobs are quite interesting. My last job was as a member of a focus group. Four hours of thinking, sharing, and cooperating on an interesting case study is a wonderful way to generate extra income. The assignments are based in clean and professional work environments, which is important to me. It is nice to have these professionals find me work while I attend to building my own business. It is a perfect match.

AB Part Time Pros helped me get my first job when I moved to Tulsa in 2010. They are professional, hard-working, great people who get to know you first before matching you up with an employer. They will review your resume but also talk to you about what you want to do and what you are looking for so they can make sure to match you up with a position you will be happy with. It's like hiring someone full-time to look out for your best career interests, except you don't have to pay them a thing. I recommend them to anyone I know who is looking for work, full-time or part-time. Thank you for the full-time and part-time jobs you have matched me up with over the years. You are truly a great company and you have my full recommendation.

JM I have been using Part time Pros for about 3 years now and have been very pleased with the jobs that I have been placed with. They have such a variety of jobs and I have enjoyed so many different positions. I enjoy this type of positions as if I want to work they have positions that are available. If something comes up that they think I am a good fit for, they give me a call or an email. THis company caters to what I find very accomodating. I highly recommend them.

EE I've had a great experience with Part Time Pros. I like being able to fill out my time card online and also a reminder call if I ever forget to submit it. They always answer my questions when I have one. I have recommended them to a couple of friends who are looking for jobs.

KF I have been extremely impressed with Part Time Pros! I've recommended their services (and will continue to do so) to friends and colleagues - both employees and employers alike. They have been my first personal experience with a staffing agency, and I can't imagine ever using any other.

DB I’d first like to thank you & your staff for causing the transition of hiring the right person for [us] effortless. We are thrilled that [she] has accepted our offer for hire. Second; the temporary person is an exceptional guy; very intelligent & accommodating. Thank you for the professionalism offered both by you the owner & your staff.

SW I recommend Part Time Pros to everyone I know because they were so helpful in finding me quality work with a quality company.

JC I have worked with other Temp Agencies previously, and by far Part Time Pros has proven to be the best. The workers are professional, friendly, and caring. I highly recommend them.

CL I've recently had the opportunity to connect with Part Time Pros. I appreciated their professionalism, personal and kind approach. I would recommend their service without hesitation.

RR I started with Part Time Pros when I moved to Tulsa in July 2012. The staff is professional and helpful. I was grateful for the assistance in this economy, and very happy when my part time position turned into full time employment with a great company!

ED I've had a great experience with Part Time Pros. Their staff was extremely friendly and helpful as I went through my job search and hiring process. Their communication is always prompt, which I greatly appreciate.

TW A good place to transition. In this economy, a reliable agency is hard to find. I think Part Time Pros is reliable.

TH I want to thank you, Carey, and other members of your staff.  I have been very impressed with how fast you responded to our needs and the professionalism of your company.  Having met Carey, I am not surprised.  You have won my business.  I will definitely call upon you again when we have hiring needs.

JH Part-Time Pros is a great staffing company! I don't know if they only work with degree-educated professionals but they're awesome at pairing you up with the right company and job whether is part time or full time, on a contract, temp-to-hire and direct hire basis. They also provide medical staffing and recruiting services. I was directed to them by the company I interned at to make the payroll process easy and simple. The employees are very helpful, friendly and professional, especially Margaret, who I deal with the most. I didn't feel rushed when filling out all the paperwork and they answered all my questions not only when I was there but via phone AND email. You're able to set up direct deposit which is also convenient. They have an online system where you can log in, create your weekly time sheet and submit it for approval. It's super easy and it's cool to track your hours/pay.

KM As a client of Part Time Pros my experience has been that results always exceeded my expectations. The people whom I have interacted with and the company processes have been forthright and diligent.

GM Carey, I just want to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with someone with high moral standards and values and to know that I can count on you to send highly qualified individuals for any job openings. I look forward to a long and productive relationship for our contract or hiring needs in the future.

NP I really enjoyed my assignments with Part-Time Pros/ProRecruiters and if I need to go back to a part-time/temporary situation, I will certainly look to your company for assistance with placement. My temporary assignment that turned in to a permanent position was/is delightful and I am so grateful for having this opportunity.

KG (1) "Since you placed me…I have ASOLUTELY LOVED it. [They are] so easy to work for and so personable, I just want to do whatever I can for [them]. You did an EXCELLENT job of matching up. And the follow-up each month to see how things are going is something I've not seen before. You know there is follow-up with the employer, but I've never had an agency follow-up with me to make sure I'M happy. I never dreamed I would get a job that I enjoy so very much. Thank you. I would definitely recommend ProRecruiters to anyone looking for work. Keep up the good work!"

RM The concept of the company is the ‘right idea at the right time’. When one considers the shifting demographics in the workforce which has created the need for many people to work longer but with more flexibility and the Businesses’ need to continue to be more creative in how to establish and maintain an effective workforce. Part-Time Pros is bridging the gap between the individual needs and the Business needs.